This app faithfully reproduce the psychological test called "Iowa Gambling Task", thought to simulate real-life decision making, as was described for the first time in:
    BECHARA, A., DAMASIO, A.R., DAMASIO, H. e ANDERSON, S. (1994), Insensitivity to future consequences following damage to human prefrontal cortex. Cognition, n. 50, pp. 7-12.

    This app is designed to run this test on smartphone and tablet with Android.

    On startup, after the screen to enter the name of the subject, you will see a brief explanation of the experiment. We chose to not include in this app material about theoretical or technical details concerning this procedure in order to avoid the risk of influencing the experimental subjects. For more information, please refer to that article.
    The interface has been simplified by removing the task bar on the screens in which the subjects use the terminal, so that they are not distracted by the contents of the terminal. At the end of the procedure, the researcher, pressing the menu button, can see 2 charts containing a summary of the results and save a file PDF and/or a file CSV. These files will be saved to the sd card of the device. Device with Android Eclair 2.1 (api level 7) or previous can save 2 PNG files with charts instead of the PDF file.
    Moreover, in the settings menu you can select the experimental options (not present in the above-mentioned article) such as: associate a sound or a short vibration (vibration is not avaible on Motorola Xoom) to winnings and losses, display the progression of the selections.

    Version 1.7 introduced the ability to export all the data recorded in a CSV file. The data are:
    - participant's name
    - trial number
    - selected deck
    - reward
    - penalty
    - net gain
    - total earned
    - response time (the interval in milliseconds between trials)
    - pressure put on display (if supported)
    - pressure style (if supported)
    - touch speed (for how many milliseconds the finger is in contact with the display)
    - time
    - date

    Explanation of the required permissions:
    1) Storage: the device can save a PDF file and/or a CSV on the sd card.
    2) Hardware controls: the device can vibrate.

    For more details, to request modifications, or applications with other psychological tests, feel free to contact the developer.

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