Indiana Dentist Finder




    Indiana Dentist Finder is a fast, easy way for you to find local Dentists specializing in:
    • General Dentistry
    • Orthodontics
    • Endodontic
    • Oral Surgery
    • Pedodontics

    The main menu of the program offers users the ability to:
    • Search By Location
    • Share on Social Media
    • Read Dentist RSS Feeds
    • Play a Game While Waiting
    • Set Appointment Reminders
    • Listen To A Relaxation Session

    You have an easy way to search by location, distance, Dentist name, & Dentist type. You then gets prompted to a dentist list with a link leading to that dentists mobile page and contact form with telephone number.

    People are often frightened to go to the dentist but feel much better afterwards. Working with local Therapist Jere Parker, Indiana Dentist Finder put together a program that teaches patients relaxation exercises.

    This program will cut down on missed appointment and having to schedule two appointments due to the patient being uncomfortable.

    The social media aspect of the application allows internet users to view online video’s through YouTube and keep up with new office information through Facebook and Twitter.
    If you have any content you want distributed to help with your marketing or retention we will upload your video’s to YouTube, send out Tweets, or post them to our Facebook wall. Users want to be interactive with their caregivers and using our service gives you the ability to do just that.

    You no longer have to rely on cards telling you when your next appointment is. IDF has a built in calendar that reminds them when their appointment is coming up.
    Think of the missed appointments that will be avoided.

    Maybe you are stressed or just coming out of anesthesia and can't remember what the Doctors orders were. Dentists or assistants simply speak into the phone to record notes for follow-up information or just a friendly reminder.

    IDF takes your writings and integrates them to our blogs RSS feed. This feed is integrated to the software. Get up to the date information from your local dentists.

    Patients no longer need to be bored in the waiting room. We provide a puzzle game that allows them to keep their mind on other things.

    Often times there are follow-up visits required so we will keep the puzzles new and refreshed often.

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