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Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests

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    A best-selling clinical resource on laboratory and diagnostic tests for quick, easy point-of-care access. This latest update is based on the 8th edition and it includes additional features and enhanced functionality. Helps nurses to deliver safe, effective, and informed care for patients undergoing diagnostic tests and procedures. It provides a foundation for understanding diagnostic tests, from the relatively simple to the most complex, that are delivered to varied populations in varied settings.
    Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests describes the clinician’s role in providing effective diagnostic services in depth, through affording the necessary information for quality care planning, individualized patient assessment, analysis of patient needs, appropriate interventions, patient education, patient follow-up, and timely outcome evaluation.
    - Meets the needs of clinicians, educators, researchers, students, and others whose work and study requires this type of resource.
    - Newly added sections on Avian bird flu, SARS, Fetal predictive tests of abnormal development and fetal death, Monkey pox virus, Fetal alcohol syndrome, Carotid intima media thickness, lipoprotein particle profile, and ischemic modified albumin, Quarantine vs. isolation to prevent spread of disease, Transdermal testing and many more!
    - Newly approved FDA home testing for drug abuse, HIV saliva and blood testing.
    - Updated information on tests for diabetes, cholesterol, renal failure, nuclear scans (eg, ProstaScint imaging and PET scans), biopsies (eg, MRI-guided breast, rectal biopsies to detect prostate cancer and site of origin of lower abdominal and retroperitoneal cancers), plus additional information on results of breast biopsies, genetic testing, and Pap tests.
    - Contains a broad range of laboratory and diagnostic tests and studies that are delivered to varied patient populations in varied settings.
    - Tests are grouped according to specimen and function/test type (e.g. blood, urine, stool, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.).
    - Each test is described in detail, with step-by-step guidance on correct procedure, tips for accurate interpretation, and instructions for patient preparation and aftercare.
    - Special Clinical Alerts and Procedural Alerts appear frequently throughout to signal special cautions.

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