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Lyme Disease Guide

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    Lyme Disease Guide

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    Lyme Disease Guide

    Lyme disease is a disease which is caused by a bacteria called "spirochete". This disease affects the joints, heart and the central nervous system. The symptoms of lyme disease include headache, fever, fatigue, depression and circular skin rashes. This disease can affect multiple systems inside the body and the symptoms may also be varied. All the patients need not necessarily have all the symptoms of lyme disease. This disease can be avoided by proper vaccination. Some particular therapies are helpful for treating lyme disease.

    This app contains some information about the lyme disease. The main ingredients of this app are:

    * # An introduction to lyme disease

    * # Symptoms and signs of lyme disease

    * # Diagnosis of lyme disease

    * # Treatment of lyme disease

    * # Some natural and herbal treatments of lyme disease

    * # Antibiotics for treating lyme disease

    This app is useful for those people who are looking for some information about the lyme disease. This app mentions some valuable information about the lyme disease and its treatment. People who are looking for a lyme bacteria scanner would find this app very helpful.

    So what are you waiting for??

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