"The standard for clinical calculations and analytics in Medicine".

    Introducing the mCalx: the unique and most innovative custom Master Medical Calculator for patient-specific computations. (You add equations & scores ad lib to the same panel!).
    mCalx: 1 panel, 100+ equations/scores, TRILLIONS of combinations.
    The calx are "linked" to the "dynamic tables" for visually efficient "point of care decision support".
    MediCalc (>300,000 users) is now Integrated with iDox and ready for your Hospital EHR/EMR.

    Be aware that some APPS interfere with MediCalc (like Kingsoft Office + PDF, WPS and OTHERS), you might need to uninstall them for MediCalc to work properly.

    MediCalc facilitates the organization and processing of Patient's data.
    It is a physician-friendly app, intuitive and very easy to use.
    Available ONLINE (free access & Print options).

    +Unique reference, productivity and decision support tool.
    +Trusted resource with proven and reliable data processing.
    +For physicians, residents, med students, PAs and NPs...
    +Developed by Board-certified physicians in the US.
    +Highly acclaimed, reviewed and tested (since 1996).

    The MediCalc FEATURES:
    (the best and proven clinical data processing)

    * mCalx custom Master Calculator
    * arithmetical processing
    * automatic unit conversion
    * MULTICALX Panels
    * conventional & SI unit entries
    * color-coded normal-abnormal outputs
    * normal values (ranges & limits)
    * automatic range-checks (limits)
    * intuitive user interface
    * easy navigation and info access
    * Search bar with filters
    * smart decimal rounding
    * Système International notation
    * tables of parameters
    * mobile & online (free access)
    * dynamic tables, synchronized with calculators
    * fully referenced
    * highly organized and standardized

    MediCalc is part of the ScyMed Network of MedicalApps, and the first and most comprehensive Medical Calculator System in the world, online since 1996... (>300,000 users & free online access). Spanish/italian versions.

    MediCalc CONTENTS:

    PORT score, SMART-COP, CURB-65, BODE index
    COPD Calx, Spirometry, FEV1
    Glomerular Filtration Rate (Cockcroft + reverse), CrCl
    Chronic Kidney Disease Classification
    Anion Gap
    Fractional Excretion of Na+, Urea, K+, Mg, HCO3, PO4
    TransTubular Potassium Gradient
    Delta Delta, HCO3 deficit
    Henderson - Hasselbalch Equation
    Metabolic Acidosis "Winter's formula"
    Osmolality, calculated
    Blood Alcohol Level
    Cardiac Output (Fick)
    Ejection Fraction (EF)
    Target Heart Rate (HR_t)
    Stroke Volume (SV)
    Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
    Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
    Q-T interval correction (Q-T_c)
    Coronary Heart Disease (10y Risk)
    NCEP Risk factors
    A-a Gradient (PA-aO2)
    Barometric Pressure (PB)
    arterial Oxygen Content
    Oxygen Delivery
    Vital Capacity
    Bohr equation
    Static Compliance
    Ideal Body Weight
    Body Mass Index (BMI)
    Waist to Hip Ratio
    Harris Benedict Equation (HBE)
    Nitrogen Balance (NB)
    Body Fat Percentage (BF%)
    Calcium Correction
    Glucose (estimated average) (eAG)
    Child-Turcotte-Pugh Classification (Child )
    Model for End-stage Liver Disease - UNOS (MELD-unos)
    Serum:Ascites Albumin Ratio (SAAG)
    Discriminant Function (DiscFx)
    Absolute Neutrophil Count

    APACHE II, Glasgow, Ranson, TIMI, MAGGIC,
    ASCVD Risk, Framingham, Reynolds score, PELD,
    Metabolic syndrome, San Francisco SR

    A-a Gradient Master
    Diabetic Ketoacidosis Master
    RenalCalc Master
    Energy Master
    LiverCalc Master
    GFR Master
    Renal Failure Diff. Diagnosis Master
    Cholesterol Master
    Blood Pressure Master
    Body Metrics Master
    Cardiac Output Master,
    Lung Volumes Master, O2 Master
    N+ Master,
    Nutrition Master
    Osmolality Master
    Ped Master
    Anthropometric Master

    Conversion (temp, mass, length)

    and many more...

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