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    The application program "Medications Control" facilitates controlling taking pharmaceuticals. It is of particular importance in case of chronic diseases, when we continuously take medications, get stuck in a rut and often cannot determine whether we have taken our current dose of pills. The application displays on the screen the number of pills for particular pharmaceuticals that should be left after the last dose has been taken.
    In addition, at predetermined times, the application sends a message informing you about the necessity of taking another dose of medication. At the beginning of each day, the number of each type of pills you use that remains in your medicine chest is checked and in case your stock is depleted, a message is dispatched. Message dispatching is optional and may be disabled in the Settings section, where you can also set the value of the number of days prior to complete stock depletion; when the number is exceeded, a warning message is displayed.

    The application program may serve one or more users. If the application serves more than a single user, you select the current user from the Start Screen. The default setting is a single user User1. Having stated using the application, you may change the default name or introduce new users.
    To start using the application program, you have to enter the names of your medications and the hours at which they are to be taken. Subsequently, you enter information on medications you have at your disposal with the number of pills and initiate the start date of medicine taking.
    Help is available for the majority of screens. Help is accessible by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the screen [?]. For older Android versions (pre-3.0), help can be opened through clicking the menu.

    All information on medications in stock and their dosage displayed when the Medication Control application is on are of an accessory nature and cannot replace actual assessment of the volume of medications at hand and their dosage.

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