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    Medicine Safety

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    It's heartbreaking when our kids are sick and we want to do the best we can for them. Problem is, not all medicines are safe for our kids and there are things you should know before medicating your child.

    Introducing.. A Parent's Guide To Medicine Safety, Answers to Common Questions Parents Have When They're Sick.

    In this Book, I will learn about :

    - Dealing with Cold Symptoms...
    Why medicating your children may not be the best thing.

    - Managing Fevers...
    Learn what to do and what not to do, based on the age of your child.

    - Important Medicine Guidelines...
    16 safety tips every parent needs to know.

    - Natural Remedies...
    Pharmaceuticals are not always the best answer. Find alternatives instead.

    - Calling the Doctor...
    Sometimes it's hard to know when your child may need medical attention. This guide helps you figure that out.

    - Talking to Your Doctor...
    Communication is crucial when it comes to the safety of your child. We've included 8 important questions to ask your doctor about the medicine's he or she prescribes.