Merrillville PainRelief Center




    At Merrillville Pain Relief Center, we know the right treatment can dramatically improve your quality of life. We also know that successful pain relief comes from a customized, individualized multimodal approach. This is why our centers offer the most comprehensive approach to acute and chronic pain. These include: Spinal cord stimulation, implantable opiate pumps, ultrasound guided injections, radio frequency, nerve blocks, physical therapy, medication management, and EMG/NCS.

    Part of our job at Merrillville Pain Relief Center is to ensure our referring physicians areas up to date as we are regarding breakthroughs in treatment techniques, improvements in the devices we use and updates in the medications we prescribe. Many of today's medications have been modified or improved to allow patients to take much smaller doses and still receive the pain relief they desire. This helps maintain our strict standards regarding patient medication management.

    We are constantly in communication with our referring physicians regarding these breakthroughs in pain management and the diagnostic technology we employ. Referring physicians in the community can count on us to create a comprehensive, professional evaluation and provide timely feedback on each patient's plan of care.