Metro Alert




    Metro Alert is intended primarily for use by emergency first responders, but also may be utilized by those throughout the country as a reference tool.

    Metro Alert links the emergency first responder directly with the receiving organization's communication center. The GPS function instantly alerts the communication center of your location while we verify aircraft availability and ETA. This speeds response times and places the flight crew on standby at no cost to your patient. You still must go through your normal request channels to launch the helicopter.

    Metro Alert also provides additional functions and important reference information for medical and trauma emergencies including:

    * Send EKG, wound, accident scene photos
    * Send HIPAA compliant social media photos
    * Access education references and courses
    * EMS pocket reference
    * Contact information and more

    Although all public safety providers may utilize Metro Alert, registration is required for full activation and functionality. Registration is free.

    Designed for all public safety personnel, this application was designed and tested in collaboration with emergency first responders.

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