Welcome to Mun-H-Center,
    The MHC-app gives you the opportunity to simply and rapidly find information about rare diseases* and how these conditions might have an impact on oral health and orofacial function. The information has mainly been retrieved from the following sources:
    - The database on Rare Diseases from The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (www.socialstyrelsen/rarediseases)
    - The Ågrenska Documentation (
    - Scientific publications
    - The MHC- database on rare diseases.
    At present, the MHC-database contains data from more than 3000 individuals with rare diseases. Data has been collected through the Mun-H-Center assessment forms. Reports from the MHC-database are published on the Mun-H-Center web site ( On the web site you can also read more about the centre and find out what we can offer concerning courses, consultations as well as information regarding orofacial aids and assistive devices.
    In May 2015 the MHC app was supplemented with practical advice on how to introduce children to dental care and with some advice on oral care for children. Please observe that any advice or product information given in this application is based on Swedish recommendations and that you will have to check with your dental healthcare advisor what the recommendations are in your country.
    The MHC app has been developed by Mun-H-Center in cooperation with Innovationsslussen in VGR and Helpit. The MHC app is now maintained and continuously updated by Mun-H-Center in cooperation with HiQ.
    *Diseases or disorders which affect fewer than 100 people per million, and which lead to a marked degree of disability (the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare).

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