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    A very simple and easy to use app. to monitor your periods, determine the date of ovulation and the fertile period.

    My Menstrual Diary is a simple and easy to use yet comprehensive app. to monitor your periods. It also calculates the time of ovulation and your fertile period. Designed for Android Phones, this app. helps you plan your activities better.

    A lot of thought has gone into the process of making this app. simply useful and not too cumbersome to use. It is not overburdened with too many complicated features, making it difficult and confusing.

    What’s New in this Update:
    1. There is a Personal Notes Window for you to write your health notes.
    2. You can switch off determining the ovulation date and the fertile period if you do not require this.

    The Features:
    • You will be able to record your periods in the calendar. You can record whether you have spotting, light, moderate or heavy flow.
    • Your next period will be highlighted based on the average interval of the last 3 periods.
    • The day of ovulation and your fertile period for the month will be displayed so you can take the necessary action.
    • All the previous periods, the duration and the interval will be displayed in the History Window.
    • There is a brief description on what is a normal period, an abnormal period, how the calculation of the ovulation day is made and hence the fertile period. See the Notes Window.
    • You can set a number of alerts:
    o Alerting you from 3 days before your possible next period.
    o Alerting you of the fertile period.
    • This app is password protected

    Please note that this application is based on the assumption that your periods are fairly regular. The date of your next period and the fertile period will not be accurate if you have very irregular periods.

    My Menstrual Diary is a very useful app. to monitor your periods. It provides valuable information. However, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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