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    NATOM VIEWER Atherosclerosis

    NATOMVIEWER Atherosclerosis is a multilingual application comprised of 10 dedicated anatomical charts: Atheroma formation and complication, Different stages of thrombotic atheromatous lesions, THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM AND CARDIAC CYCLE, Heart - anterior and posterior views, Coronary Heart Disease, Angioplasty - Balloon and stent, Coronary bypass surgery, Bypass surgery and coronary angioplasty, Aneurysm of the abdominal aorta, PULMONARY EMBOLISM

    NATOM is an information, training and communication tool. NATOM VIEWER is used to explain or exchange information about a pathology or medical procedure. The application forms part of the patient’s therapeutic education as an element of his/her relation with the healthcare professional.
    NATOM VIEWER offers the following enriched functions:
    -Intuitive browsing
    -A choice of texts from 11 languages
    -Summary texts
    -Help screen
    -Tools for adding notes and drawings
    -Links to legend definitions
    -Sharing via e-mail
    -Full screen view
    -Ability to download new images from NATOM IMAGES, a high artistic and scientific quality image bank, in support of and to complete medical information.
    Our collection, illustrating the key specialities and pathologies, is available for download at NATOM IMAGES.