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    Natural Pain Managements

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    Pain is a fact of life that many thousands of people all over the world live with every single day of their lives. This is simply a miserable way to live!

    Natural Pain Management has been written as concisely yet thoroughly as possible with the understanding that people who truly are in pain don't have a lot of time to waste reading!

    Natural Pain Management offers only practical, time and study proven ways to help deal with your condition and find relief! No hoky-poky. Just stuff that makes it go away.

    In Natural Pain Management you will learn -

    -All about Aspirin and how it came to be the number one pain killer in the world

    -Why you should avoid giving your children aspirin!

    -The relationship between aspirin and developing asthma

    -Who should take Aspirin and who should avoid it like the plague!

    -What common over the counter painkiller is made from coal tar and therefore potentially carcinogenic?

    -Why it is way too easy to develop liver damage taking Paracetamol or Tylenol

    -The damage that painkillers like Advil, Nuprin and Naproxen can cause to your heart and cardiovascular system if you are not careful

    -The painkiller that has been found to cause extreme internal bleeding in the intestines and that may also be linked to the development of Crohn's disease

    -Why addiction is not considered to be as serious a threat to your health as it should be

    -The most addictive of the opiate drugs that is often bought on the street and even injected because it is so hard to quit - even after you are out of pain

    In Natural Pain Management you will find all kinds of solutions for dealing with your pain without risking your life including -

    -How massage can be used as a pain relief strategy

    -The "gate control" theory and how it can be applied to your daily natural pain management strategy

    -The natural pain therapy that has been found to be the most successful when it comes to treating back pain - no it is not massage! The answer may surprise you!

    -The numerous benefits of Swedish massage and including a discussion of how it can reduce pain, swelling, strains and stiffness

    -The massage therapy that leaves 95% of people feeling better after they have had one

    -How deep muscle massage can relieve long term pain even if you find it painful and why it may be worth the short term agony to go through Rolfing or similar deep tissue manipulations

    -The natural pain therapy that has been very successful when it comes to treating the pain of kidney stones and gallstones

    -Why Thai massage is a therapy that many compare to doing an hour of Yoga

    -A complete discussion of acupuncture and how it is used to cure pain and restore energy

    -The pain therapy that has been used very successfully to treat pains associated with cancer

    -How hypnosis can be used to treat pain and a discussion about just how effective it actually is as a therapy

    -How an obsessive or addictive personality can contribute to the perpetration of pain

    -The natural pain therapy that is so successful that it is actually used to treat ailments instead of anesthetic in some cultures!

    -How to find a suitable hypnotist or hypnotherapist in your area!

    -How you can quickly and easily learn self-hypnosis as a technique for managing your pain

    -The Asian tree resin that is known as a strong anti-inflammatory and treatment for asthma

    -Why eating cherries can be a strong component of a pain relief strategy!

    -How ginger can be used to help deal with the pain of osteoporosis

    -How this common bright yellow Indian spice can help deal with both chronic and acute inflammation

    -How to decide, out of the 80 massage therapies that are available - which is best for you!

    -Why you should not be afraid to find new ways to deal with your pain --- because you have nothing to lose but your pain!

    -What to do when "pain" becomes your best friend a reason to take painkillers

    ...And many more great solutions for dealing with your pain

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