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    This InMental Therapy is in English and prepare yourself for the Next Big Internet Evolution Step right HERE with the News Relax Psychological Software from the

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    This is the English version of the News Relax, or the News Relax Psychological Software from the

    The News Relax Psychological Software EN is a fantastic software for you to feel relaxed and happy the entire day.

    You can install it in your Android Smart Mobile Phone or Tablet.

    If you feel tired, sad or without motivation, you should try our News Relax EN in English.

    By the way: the EN is the English version, PT is in Portuguese, ES the Spanish one and FR is the French version.

    This Software will be ALWAYS FREE if you do keep it and do use it regularly in your Smart Mobile Phone or Tablet.

    Remember: this APP is not a video game. This is a Psychological Therapy oriented to your Sub-Conscience, with the objective to solve your psychological problems.

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