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    The N-of-1 trial app is designed to ease the initial setup and administration of N-of-1 health trials.

    N-of-1 trials are single patient randomised trials which are run to try and determine the best course of treatment for a patient. By only investigating a single patient, the treatment can be specifically tailored to their needs and lifestyle so the patient can enjoy the best possible quality of life. The trial compares two treatment plans and consists of a number of pairs of treatment periods. In each pair, the patient will use both treatment plans though the order is not known by the patient.

    Key features

    -Track patient symptoms over the trial period
    -Fully customisable patient questionnaire
    -Medicine reminders
    -Easily allow patient to make notes during the trial
    -Upload patient data online, where it is viewable on our webpage

    -Ntework access and connection: Used to sync data to the cloud.
    -Find and use accounts: Required to securely upload data to the could. Data gets linked to an account to protect it.
    -Run at startup: Required to set up reminders when the device has been powered off.
    -COntrol vibration: Option for notification to vibrate. Can be disabled in settings.
    -MOdify USB storage: Required to write the data to a spreadsheet file at the end of the trial.

    If you have any issues or suggestions please send an email to