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    Ocean Wave should only be installed from the Google Play store if you have been directed to by CognisantMD. For more information, please see Accuro Ocean Setup and
    How do I lock down my tablets

    The Ocean system allows physicians to collect important data from patients in a clinical setting using a tablet device. While waiting, your patients can be completing intake questionnaires and focused medical histories based on their reason for visit. A monthly tablet subscription provides unlimited access to 400+ clinical and administrative questionnaires, and you can even build your own using our drag-and-drop online form editor at no additional cost.

    Ocean is the only truly secure patient questionnaire platform because of it's innovative cryptography. You get the ease and simplicity of a cloud-based system and HIPAA/PHIPAA required security using client-specific encryption -- so your patients' data is secured using an encryption key that only your clinic knows.

    Ocean is perfect for research as well as clinic and administrative purposes. It supports longitudinal and cross-sectional research protocols with automatic psuedonymization of patient responses. Design your own research questionnaires using the same simple online form editor technology. To learn more about Ocean for research, see

    Note that you must have a CognisantMD user account before this application can be activated and charges are incurred only after the application is activated. See

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