Orlando Pain Relief Center




    The Orlando Pain Relief Center provides the latest comprehensive pain management, rehabilitation services and leading-edge procedures for our patients. We believe in a multi-disciplinary, multi-modality approach, which includes interventional pain blocks, medication plans, and psychiatric treatments all prescribed rationally for each patient's best possible recovery.

    We are compassionate in understanding that each individual requires a personalized evaluation and unique treatment plan. Our team intently listens to each patient's needs, examines the patient in a comfortable setting, performs MRI's on-site, and evaluates patient history to determine a minimally invasive procedure to improve quality of life. In certain cases, a treatment plan may include interventional procedures, for which sedation is available and administers by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Our surgery center is just minutes from our facility, and we are affiliated with several local hospitals for your convenience. Put simply, we offer a full spectrum of solutions for reducing pain and improving functionality.