The Patholator App is a collection of Wellness and Chiropractic information to keep the Doctor and the Patient up to date on powerful wellness information. This App will be continually improved as new information becomes available. It combines the experience of the Neuropatholator Wall Chart (an electronic demonstrator of the connections among the vertebra, nerves, organs, extremities, muscles and dermatomes made by Visual Odyssey for 35 years) with the ability to correlate whole food based supplements to the organs they help support . This Patholator App is designed for a Doctor to educate their patient with a phone or tablet.

    Special Note: The spinal and autonomic nerves help regulate and control the function of tissues and organs. These schematic animations of the nervous system and human anatomy are simplified representations of a very complex system. Naturally, there are anatomical variations and neurological overlaps from one person to another. No information or interpretation of any part of this app is to be used as the basis for home treatment. Visual Odyssey does not endorse or represent any particular practice, technique or modality and does not assume medical or legal liability with respect to the use of the information this app contains.

    Neuropatholator is a registered trademark of Visual Odyssey, Inc.
    Patholator App is a trademark of Visual Odyssey, Inc.

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