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    The SanaChild application, called "Your child's sudden illness", is meant to be a help for those who have the responsibility for a child who has taken ill. No matter whether you are a parent, a grandparent or an employee in a day-care centre, you will frequently be faced with a sick child.

    Why is the child crying? Is it seriously ill? Should I contact my own doctor or the emergency medical service immediately? SanaChild helps you make a decision. By means of short and precise questions, you are asked to assess the child’s condition.
    Based on your answers, SanaChild reacts rapidly and after a short time the application can advice you whether to call your own doctor or the emergency medical service or whether you can relax and just observe how the condition develops.

    SanaChild not only helps you to assess the child’s condition, it also supports you in a situation where you may feel insecure and not quite sure what to do.

    SanaChild will also have a positive effect on health economics in general as the application helps to reduce unnecessary home calls or visits to the doctor’s surgery. In many cases, when your child gets ill, all you need to do is to keep an eye on how the condition develops and just follow some simple advice.

    SanaChild also contains a dynamic overview of the childhood immunization programme. This means that the programme registers the country chosen during the setup of the phone and shows the childhood immunization programme for the country in question.

    SanaChild also includes a ”mini-encyclopedia” with information of a broad spectre of childhood diseases. Here you can read about the diseases and their symptoms – it is quick and easy.

    SanaChild 1.1.1 comes in Danish, English and German.

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