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    SinusTrack is designed to aid you in getting an better understanding of your sinus condition.

    When you have sinus, record how bad and how it affects you in SinusTrack after a a few weeks of recording when you have sinus, you may see a pattern as to when you are getting sinus, such as the times and the days you are getting sinus.

    The App consists of three tabs
    Record sinus tab
    Records how bad your sinus is.

    How many times you have had to blow your nose, This gives an indication as to how much mucus is being produced from your nasal cavity.

    The check boxes record, Whether you have a:

    Post Nasal Drip.
    Face Pain.
    Sinus Pressure around your face.

    Sinus Data tab
    Stores the data that you entered, but also it includes the time, the day, the month and the year.

    Sinus Analysis tab
    Gives you details about your sinus:

    Number of entries of sinus.

    Days of the week when you are getting sinus, so it gives you an indication as to what days you are getting sinus, so you can track this to the environment or food that you might be eating on that day, which may give you sinus.

    Number of symptoms, is how bad your sinus is, so how many times you have rated your sinus as terrible, or bad etc.

    The time of the day you get sinus, is when you make a recording of the sinus. So it would point to if you are getting sinus in the morning or evening etc.

    Days when you are getting Face Pain, Post Nasal Drip, Headache and Sinus Pressure is designed to give more objectivity to when you say “I have sinus” it allows you to define what and how your are being affected.

    I wrote this App as I have chronic sinus, and have overtime learned to deal with sinus through understanding when I get sinus, so I can track it to environments and what I eat for example. The reason for the App, is that I wanted somewhere to record the information quickly and easily so that I can understand my sinus better.

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