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    When I was jetlagged in a hostel 2 weeks ago I just couldn't fall asleep because of a guy across the room was snoring for his life! The same goes for your boyfriend/husband!

    But did you know that whistling stimulates people's subconscious and makes them stop snoring without waking them up.

    However, you don't want to whistle every 5 minutes, you want to get your SLEEP!

    For that reason, I created the Snorlax app that detects snoring patterns in your room and emits a soft whistling sound making all the work for you. You can just open the app, even turn off the screen and let it charge over night, the Snorlax app will stay active and listen for evil snores.

    Don't forget to check if the music volume (not the ringer volume) of your phone is loud enough before going to sleep by testing a whistle.

    Get the app now for FREE to get back your well deserved good-nights sleep again! Please let us know if it worked for you.

    For more info on how the whistling stops snoring, check here:

    "You can whistle just loud enough for them to hear clearly in their sleep (confusing, I know). This will partially wake them (maybe from deep sleep) but will not completely disrupt their rest. If you have ever had a dream that has integrated an outside sound (for example, alarm clock= car alarm/fire alarm in dream) you will understand how this technique works."

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    "for people around you: amazingly you can stop people snoring by producing a very soft and very long high tone (I do it whistling) I do it with my wife."

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