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    Thumb Area is an app designed to approximate the range of motion of people with congenital thumb hypoplasia.

    During tests, it is important that the patient keeps his/her hand in a known position and that the hand does not shift while the thumb arcs (as any shifts will invalidate the measurement).

    This app comes with no warranty of any kind and may not provide accurate data.

    This app is written using Qt and Necessitas, which means that it will ask you to download and install Ministro when it first launches. Let Ministro install and then relaunch Thumb Area and it should download some required libraries (~10 MB). Once that's done, you can use Thumb Area as you would any other Android app.

    Tested Devices:
    Nexus 4
    Galaxy Nexus
    Acer A500
    Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0

    You can find the source code for this app here:
    For more information see:


    Chris Konstad