Tongue Disease Diagnosis

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    Tongue Disease Diagnosis

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    Tongue In Disease Diagnosis

    “The martyr cannot be dishonored. Every lash inflicted is a tongue of fame; every prison a more illustrious abode.”

    It is, of course, difficult to judge what is abnormal unless you know what a normal tongue looks like. A child's tongue can usually be regarded as a normal tongue: it should be fresh pink, have an even and symmetrical shape, have no cracks or spots, and should be topped with a thin coating of moisture.


    **How to diagnosis in tongue diseases?

    ** What are health tongue diagnosis

    ** Tongue in Disease Diagnosis

    1) the movement of the tongue: –
    a) In a partial paralysis of the body hemiplegia language moves paralysed side when protruded.
    b) Tremulus movement of the tongue leads to diseases like thyrotoxicosis, delirium tremens and parkinsonisum.Tremor is also observed in patients nervous.
    c) In progressive bulbar paralysis be lost and the paralysis of the language with the language fibrillation.Eventually is functionless and crumpled on the floor of the mouth.This condition is associated with dribbling of saliva and loss of expression.
    d) In chorea involuntary rhythmic movements the patient May be unable to keep the language in protruded rest, moves involuntarily.

    2) The humidity of the language: –
    The moisture content of the language gives an indication of the state of hydration body.Water volume depletion leads to peripheral circulatory failure is characterized by weakness, thirst, restlessness, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, dry tongue and toasted.
    Dryness of language leads to the following conditions.
    a) Diarrhea
    b) Later stages of the illness
    c) Advanced uremia
    d) Hypovolumic shock
    e) Heat exhaustion
    f) hyponatremia
    g) Acute intestinal obstruction
    h) Famine
    i) Prlonged fasting.

    3) Change the color of the language: –
    a) Central cyanosis: –
    Cyanosis is a bluish discoloration of the mucosa due to the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood.This in heart failure, respiratory failure and cyanosis anoxia.In language, lips became pale blue project.
    b) Jaundice: –
    This is the yellowish discoloration of all the mucosal surfaces of the body including tongue due to increased bilirubin blood.Jaundice seen in hepatitis, biliary obstruction, increased destruction of red blood cells and ect .. .
    c) Advanced uremia: –
    It is the increase of urea and other nitrogenous waste products in the blood due to renal failure.Here language become brown.
    d) Keto acidosis: –
    This is the acidosis with accumulation of ketone bodies seen mainly in the diabetes mellitus.Here be the language with a typical ketone smell coffee in the mouth.
    e) Riboflavin deficiency: –
    Deficiency of this vitamin vitamin B2 produces megenta color of the language with the pain and cracking of the lips.
    f) Niacin deficiency: –
    Deficiency of niacin vitamin B3 and other B complex vitamins results in bright red or scarlet strong language.
    g) Anemia: –
    The percentage decrease in hemoglobin of severe anemia blood.In language becomes pale.

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