UbiKare is the tablet interface for RTMediBus, an electronic Health Record (EHR) certified by ONC-ATCB as a complete EHR.

    UbiKare enables you, as a Physician, to raise your caregiving ability to a “any place, any time” paradigm. It allows you to read patient health records, appointment schedules, make quick checks on lab results and e-Prescribe medications, from wherever you are, without having to wait to return to your workplace to do so. The collaborative power of your Practice increases significantly. As a result, you will be able to raise both the quality and velocity of care provided.

    Distinctive Features:
    Created by practicing physicians, the user interfaces of both ‘UbiKare’ and its base application, lend themselves to highly intuitive use of all available features. RTMediBus offers you multiple options in voice, touch or type to enter and retrieve data, precludes the need for you to learn any new skills or acquire any serious computer or technology savvy, and shortens your learning curve as a User.
    You can customize clinical decision support rules, templates and terminologies to conform to your specialty and Practice, on your own, without having to depend on vendor or IT personnel to help you do so.
    Getting Started
    1) Install the App
    2) Request for access
    3) Start using it

    For access: Once installed, send us a request at You will receive user credentials to access with the patient records populated. You will need to have a valid RTMediBus account to access the software. An active internet connection is needed to use the software.

    Feature List in this version: Version (V 1.3)
    1. Appointments screen
    2. Active Patients screen
    3. Clinical Decision Support Alerts
    4. Patient Summary
    5. Progress Notes Preview including Visit Information, Vitals, CC, HPI, Past Medical History, Surgical History, Allergies, E prescription, Lab Results, Radiology Results and Documents.

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