Vet Anatomy Of The Head Quiz

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    Vet Anatomy Of The Head Quiz

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    This application has been designed for students of veterinary medicine, veterinary technician, veterinary nursing, veterinary science, anatomy and for practicing veterinarians, veterinary nurses, veterinary technicians or anyone who has been learning about the anatomy of the head of domestic species of animals.

    The questions in this test yourself quiz application have been created to test the users knowledge of information usually covered in a module on the head, neck and brain of domestic species, as part of a degree in veterinary medicine or similar course.

    Questions range from:
    -identify muscles and their innervation, origin and insertion.
    -the position and function of the major nerves and blood vessels.
    -features of the osteological structures such as the skull and hyoid apparatus
    -differences between common domestic species.
    -common clinical conditions with a strong anatomical basis.

    This application also contains pictures which test your ability to be able to identify different structures of the head and proximal neck on gross anatomical dissection. Many of the questions require the user to examine the accompanying images and answer questions relating to them. The images use the canine and equine species. While some of the questions may relate specifically to these species, or question your knowledge on the interspecies differences, the majority of the questions are generic with regards to species.

    This application is a work in progress and we hope to add more questions periodically through updates of the app. We hope this app helps you with your study of the great subject that is veterinary anatomy.

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