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    Vitamin-D-Pro was developed by the world’s most experienced vitamin D and calcium doctors. It was designed to make you healthier and feel better. Vitamin D plays a huge role in our overall health, yet nearly 70% of people have low vitamin D which can lead to many other health issues. Most people should be taking vitamin D, but it isn’t that simple! Some people with low vitamin D should avoid taking vitamin D because a serious medical problem is present that caused the low vitamin D. Sound confusing? No worries, this app will help you make the right decisions. It will analyze and graph all aspects of your vitamin D and calcium health and make personalized recommendations specifically for you.
    Although most people have low vitamin D because of lack of sun exposure, some people have other medical problems that caused the low vitamin D and thus the treatment is very different. Therefore, everybody with a low vitamin D must know WHY they have low vitamin D before they take vitamin D. Our expert doctors made this app because most doctors diagnose vitamin D problems incorrectly. Often patients are put on vitamin D without their doctor ever testing for other problems that may be present and life threatening. This is a medical app that can make you feel better and potentially save your life. However, it is easy to use and makes learning fun!
    The app was designed to be used by patients, but many doctors use it in their practice as well. Easy to use data entry forms result in beautiful graphs that make complex medical issues easy to understand and decisions about how to move forward easy. The Learning Library has easy to read articles written by expert doctors. The store will make specific vitamin D and calcium recommendations for you based upon your blood tests and analysis. Almost all users of the app will understand vitamin D problems better than their doctors, but it will help you discuss these issues with your doctors so you can come up the perfect plan for you. We will help you and your doctor take the guess work out of vitamin D and calcium problems.
    Low vitamin D is the number one diagnosed disease for the past 5 years. Many health issues (possibly even cancer) can be caused by low vitamin D. If you take vitamin D or if you want to be as healthy as you can, then you need this app.
    • Analyzes and graphs current vitamin D levels
    • Graphs all vitamin D levels over time to see trends
    • Calculates your overall vitamin D health
    • Analyzes your overall calcium health
    • Analyzes and graphs vitamin D vs. calcium
    • Analyzes and graphs calcium vs. parathyroid hormone
    • Analyzes your parathyroid gland function
    • Calculates and graphs chance of primary hyperparathyroidism
    • Calculates and graphs chance of secondary hyperparathyroidism
    • Calculates and graphs chance of pure vitamin D deficiency
    • Analyzes and graphs bone density and osteoporosis
    • Graphs bone density (osteoporosis) over time to see trends
    • Teaches you how to interpret your data and graphs
    • Gives personalized suggestions for next steps
    • Suggests what new blood tests may be necessary
    • Gives topics to discuss with your doctor
    • Suggests vitamin D products personalized to your data
    • Link to Amazon store for vitamin D products just for you
    • Learning Center has dozens of excellent articles
    • Made by doctors who are experts in vitamin D / calcium

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