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    This app lets you hear your own voice with a little delay. You can adjust the pitch and the speed of your voice.

    It woks like an digital DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback) and PAF ( Pitch Auditory Feedback) witch helps persons with speech, stammering and stuttering problems to speak more fluent and gain confidence.

    Try using different delay values and voice tones (pitch) to see what's working best for you.

    When X hears his own voice with a small time delay his speech may be
    seriously affected. The effects produced by delayed auditory feedback (DAF) include prolongation of vowels, repetition of consonants, increased intensity of utterance, and other articulatory changes. The significance of individual differences in susceptibility to DAF is considered in relation to personality and physiological characteristics. The technique may prove useful in the detection of auditory malingering and has possible implications for the understanding of stammering. (Psychological Bulletin - DELAYED AUDITORY FEEDBACK - AUBREY J. VAXES' - University of Western Australia)

    On the other hand makes people with no speech problems to lose the ability to speak in some occasions (arguing or explaining something).

    It ONLY works with headphones!!!

    It doesn't work for everyone since every human body reacts differently to external stimuli and the actual delay can be a little bigger or smaller depending on your device processing power.

    Please share this app on your social network so the people who need it can download it. Thank you.

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