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    Published: 2013-09-10, by .

    Stay update with the important vaccinations

    • Helpful for dog owners
    • Easy to use

    "Is your dog completely healthy?"

    VReminder is a useful application for dog owners who are worried about their pet's health. This app lets you know when your dogs should vaccinated against several illnesses.

    Enter your pets' information and basic details and based on that, VReminder will provide you the information and the dates of the procedures your dog must undergo. Don't forget about setting notifications.

    The app stands out for its high usability and ease of use.

    Tomar is the developer of VReminder, an application for a very concrete audience.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Sep 10, 2013


    Do you know how to answer the following question: When should my four-legged companion be vaccinated against rabies or infectious diseases? When should it be dewormed and protected against ticks? Do not guess. VReminder will remind you what to do in due time. VReminder is really easy to use: Just enter your pet’s basic details, i.e. name, species and rough date of birth, and based on those data VReminder will calculate automatically the dates of all necessary prophylactic procedures that your pet should undergo in order to enjoy good health and well-being. The
    application settings include the option to choose how many days before the procedure the pet owner is notified of its date, and you can also select an exact time of notification.

    For any prophylaxis to be effective, it is necessary to keep on its schedule. Therefore, VReminder also reminds you of all missed follow-up visits, thus allowing you to verify whether you have missed any important tests.

    Another functionality allows direct communication with a veterinarian via text messages and e-mails or a fast telephone connection.

    Prevention, not treatment!

    Your suggestions regarding VReminder improvements and additions are always welcome. Should you have any problems with the application, send an e-mail, and we will help you!

    We would like to thank the Veterinary Surgeons, who have helped us with the development of the prophylactic procedures and the application testing.

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