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    Stop allergy symptoms with sound frequencies.
    The app plays frequencies that reduces allergy symptoms simulating magnetotherapy health device.

    Playing “WellWave Allergy “ app close to you, gives evident relief from allergy reactions.

    Allergy from dust or pollen causes swelling of the nasal, rhinitis, sinusitis, eyes redness and itching, sneezing, coughing, and skin rashes.

    Playing “WellWave Allergy “ app on your device will reduce this reactions.

    This app plays 11waves (magnetic and sound) that stop allergy symptoms .
    This are not bineural frequencies. This waves relax the allergic immune reaction.

    The practical use of “WellWave Allergy “ app is simple; you can keep playing your android phone in your pocket and fell the relief from allergy.
    You can keep a very low volume (subliminal) and still have wellness effect.

    I choose the most effective healing frequency from consolidated lists, that can be used in android devices against allergy reactions..
    The speaker of your phone will create a magnetic field similar to professional healing devices.

    You can use these app in two ways:
    - ether by listening to he health sounds, at low volume,
    - or transmitting the waves directly to your body, by keeping the phone in the pocket for 20 minutes.

    “WellWave Allergy “ give a practical relief from allergy symptoms .

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