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    Pain killer for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    Your device will emits magnetic signals that reduces the CTS inflammation of the nerve and reduces the pain.
    The app uses the android speaker to transmit to the body healing waves.
    Try my free pain kill app before.
    WellWave Carpal app is a practical help . It reduces the pain of CTS desease.

    ———-How it works? ———-
    This app creates the same magnetic field of specific health devices .
    Has been discovered that specific magnetic signals disturbs the bacterial inflammation and reduces the pain. This app emit this magnetic signals by the speaker of your android device.
    You can save your money, by using your android device with this application!

    Run this app 30 minutes and keep the smartphone on your arm. The app Carpal Tunnel WellWave will reduce the inflammation and pain.

    This is not a bineural method. Does not affect metal state. It will work directly to the body symptoms of CTS.

    Playing “WellWave Carpal Tunnel “ app close to you, gives evident relief of Syndrome Carpal Tunnel and related pain of the nerve.

    Try “WellWave Free “ before buy this app – the free version has similar – but not complete features .

    Carpal Tunnel CTS disease causes fingers feel useless and swollen, pain, weakness, or numbness in the hand and wrist, pain radiating up the arm.
    Playing “WellWave Carpal Tunnel “ app on your device will reduce this suffering.

    This are not bineural frequencies. This waves relax the inflamed nerve.

    The practical use of “WellWave Carpal Tunnel “ app is simple; you can keep playing your android phone in your arm and fell the relief from the pain.
    Is not a substitute of a medical cure .

    I choose the most effective healing frequency from known lists, that can be used in android devices against Carpal Tunnel symptoms..
    The speaker of your phone will create a magnetic field similar to professional healing device (mangetorerapy-ultrasound).

    ————How to use WellWave : —————-
    * Transmit the waves directly to your body, ( SUGGESTED! )by keeping the phone on the arm for 20 minutes or more . Is suggested to set the phone in “aereo mode” while keeping the phone close to you. The “aereo mode” will stop the GSM waves and your device will emits only beneficial waves from this WellWave Carpal Tunnel app. You can use low volume.
    Choose one of the 2 potions of this app:
    * “CarpalTunnel relief 1″ – plays (16 different waves) that usually kill the carpal inflammation.
    * Try “CarpalTunnel relief 2″ option (of 24 waves) if the first one is not enough beneficial. Keep your device close to the painful limb.Carpal Tunnel. WellWave emits magnetic signals that reduces Carpal Tunnel inflammations.

    “WellWave Carpal Tunnel “ give a practical relief from Carpal Tunnel symptoms .

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