When You Smoke Your Baby Smoke




    This 3 minute presentation about the dangers of smoke in a new baby's environment is very important for all parents of a new baby to see. Baby's fragile lungs can be seriously damaged by smoke in the air from someone smoking in the home and by the smoke particles that cling to the clothing and car upholestry of a smoker. "When You Smoke Your Baby Smokes" is a memorable and important lesson for all new parents.

    This lesson has been shown to help give mothers and fathers the resolve to discontinue smoking or to take precautions to protect their baby from the harmful effects of second and third hand smoke. In fact, many mothers who quit smoking during the pregnancy will return to smoking in the weeks following the birth and this short lesson has been shown to significantly reduce the numbers of mothers who return to smoking after the birth of their child.

    This lesson is read and presented in English, Spanish, French and Polish.

    "When You Smoke Your Baby Smokes" is a lesson that is contained within the NICU Knowledge Parent Education program. At the conclusion of this lesson, the contents of NICU Knowledge can be viewed and a convenient link to install NICU Knowledge can be found.

    This lesson was developed by Dr. Allen Merritt, Neonatologist, at the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital.

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