WomanCyc is a simple period tracker application, you can mark in calendar:
    * menstruation days and blood flow intensity;
    * intercourses (protected and unprotected);
    * days when you took pill (if you take oral contraceptives once a day);
    * small notes. There is user interface for autocomplete if you repeat the same notes.

    Features of the application:

    * The application can be used by women with regular and irregular menstruation.

    * The application does not impose any restrictions on actual length of cycle or bleeding length.
    You can edit any days of calendar (also days in future), the application will work correctly.

    * Every day of cycle is numbered beginning with the first day of menstruation.
    You can estimate how many days are left until the next menstrual period or number of days delay lasts.
    If your period does not come on time, the numbering of the days will continue.

    * The application can use specified or average length of cycle.

    * Calculation of fertile-infertile periods are NOT made.

    Features of user interface:

    * to edit cell of calendar make long tap (in one-panel mode);

    * user interface is strict, dark and light themes are available;
    * one-panel or two-panel mode is used depending on size and orientation of the device screen.

    Additional features:
    * Statistics.
    * Export and import of user data.
    * Ability to setup password.
    * Widget.

    The application is useful for women and men watching the cycle of their girlfriends.

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