Your Diabetes Diary

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    Your Diabetes Diary is the most comprehensive, flexible and sophisticated diabetes management app currently available.
    You can enter care plans of scheduled measurements, medications, exercise, health care visits and other related activities.
    You can enter scheduled and unscheduled measurement or activities on the go.
    You can review historical data in tabular or graph form on your phone or in large screen format at the associated website.
    You can add markers to flag changes to medication diet etc.
    You can transmit data to a free health record which acts as a data storage backup and data transmission centre. You can also use the health record to store and review all your other health information.
    Your diabetes diary is designed to be an important part of a diabetes management system involving your chosen health care providers.

    Note that there are NO costs whatsoever with having accounts with, or accessing or They are entirely complementary!

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