Automatic Volume




    ♬♬♬ Automatically adjusts headphone volume depending on ambient noise level ♬♬♬

    Have you ever wanted to enjoy some peace with your headphones on but worry that you will not be able to hear what’s going on around you? Automatic Volume is a hands-free automatic volume controller that allows you to enjoy high quality music, videos and games using your sound-isolating headphones without having to worry about missing out on what’s going on around you. Choose your own sound sensitivity threshold and Automatic Volume will automatically change your headphone volume when it detects background noise above that level.

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    ♬ Automatically changes volume when noises are detected
    ♬ Can set noise threshold
    ♬ Can set microphone sensitivity
    ♬ Can set minimum volume adjustment time
    ♬ Can set preferred headphone volume level
    ♬ Vibration alert
    ♬ Choose between internal microphone or external microphone

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