Bass Study HD

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    Become a music reader, not just a music player!

    Now for Android tablets!

    - Master music reading at your convenience
    - Find the staff note on the fingerboard
    - Find the fingerboard note on the staff
    - Work with the full range of the fretboard using 12 frets
    - Display arrows on the fingerboard to help you initially find the correct notes.
    - Display note names on staff and fingerboard
    - Master the fingerboard - learn the note name for each fret
    - Break down tasks by learning to read 3 or 4 notes at a time (i.e. C, D, E)
    - Set your own difficulty
    - Left-handed mode
    - Try for 100% correct and the best time per round!
    - Study in all 12 keys
    - Challenge 1: Start with no sharps or flats and automatically increment the key signatures each round.. 1 sharp, 2 sharps, 3 sharps, etc.
    - Challenge 2: Can you handle a random key for every round? THis is a real test of your skills.

    A user-friendly app that has great depth and can bring anyone up to speed on the valuable skill of music reading for the bass guitar. Being able to read music opens vast sources of musical material for the bass player to learn, study and play. And not only that, it can also bring any bass player into the realm of an in-demand professional player.

    It's an app that any music teacher would love!

    You begin by learning the fingerboard notes and music staff notes with the aid of labels that display the names of the frets and notes. The app will generate endless sequences of notes for you to guess. You take each key in small pieces, learning and mastering three or four notes at a time. You can stay in the key of C and then progress to 1 sharp, 2 sharps, etc. as you feel more confident in your skills. You can remove the note labels when you want to test yourself. You can choose the number of notes you will guess per round. You are able to construct the level of study that you would like to concentrate on!

    You will see your score as the number of guesses, both incorrect and correct, percentages and time per round. This essentially makes it a game to acquire one of the most valuable skills a musician can possess.

    Work up to the greatest challenge - random key signatures for each round. With score-keeping in the picture, this mode will always present a new and interesting challenge for even the most experienced musician.

    Now you can actively study music anywhere - waiting rooms, planes, breaks, etc. Except that with this app, you will emerge that many steps closer to being music reader, not just a music player.

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