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    BitCalc Lite allows you to quickly calculate duration, file size and bitrate for video encoding projects. Specify two of the parameters and BitCalc Lite will calculate the third.

    This allows you to calculate bitrate from duration and file size, calculate file size from duration and bitrate or calculate duration from file size and bitrate. These calculations are vital when you are encoding video and need to determine what bitrate or file size you need to specify in your encoding settings.

    It allows you to change the units used for time (seconds, minutes and hours), size (kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte) and rate (kilobits per second, megabits per second, gigabits per second).

    Please remember that your total bitrate is a combination of your audio and video bitrates. BitCalc Lite calculates a total bitrate which you must share between video and audio as required. Most video formats will also include some header information so the total file size generated by your encoding process may be slightly different to that shown in BitCalc Lite.

    This application currently uses 1Kb=1000bits and 1KB=8Kb.

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