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    This app is a CLIENT for the Blue Iris Windows PC software. In order to make use of this app, you must have Blue Iris version 4.x installed and running on a Windows PC. Instructions for connecting this app to the PC software are found in the Networking topic of its Help file.

    This app provides a single point of contact to your home camera network. There is no need to insecurely open individual cameras to the Internet. This app connects using a secure and session-based protocol--no passwords are transmitted in plain text.

    Key features include:

    - Manage multiple Blue Iris installations
    - Control the traffic signal icon, schedule and profile selection
    - Receive Android push alerts when a Blue Iris camera is triggered or there is a critical status message
    - Fast H.264 streaming
    - Control PTZ, IR and more for any camera that’s also controllable at the Blue Iris PC
    - Listen to and talk to any camera that’s also supported at the Blue Iris PC
    - Navigate cameras by tapping and swiping
    - Review recordings as stored on the Blue Iris PC, up to 64x speed
    - Selectively delete recordings from the Blue Iris PC
    - Remote control DIO output signals on compatible devices

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