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    The button was enlarged slightly so that it might be easy to use it by car.
    Moreover, the skip of an album besides the skip of music is possible.

    Music play or stop should touch an album jacket.

    Please click "the sleep function OFF" with a menu to always display a screen.
    (*You use of while doing charge of)

    It corresponds to a remote control(HeadSet or Bluetooth*).

    Play&Pause [PlayButton]1click(short)
    Next [PlayButton]2clicks(short)
    Back [PlayButton]3clicks(short)
    NextAlbum [PlayButton]1click(short) + 1click(long) or [NextButton]2click(short)
    BackAlbum [PlayButton]2clicks(short) + 1click(long) or [BackButton]2click(short)

    * By Bluetooth devices, after you click the button, there is a case where the distance to the next click is enabled is long. If more than one click does not work, please try to lengthen the setting of "click interval latency" of the remote control setting. However, if you have long, it will be a long time until the command is issued after you press the button, you might feel like reaction was worse.

    If HeadSet or Bluetooth connect ,It sets to the volume which was being heard before.
    If HeadSet or Bluetooth disconnect ,It sets to the volume 0.

    *Need "Text-to-speech settings"

    If Voice Data("Pico TTS"etc) is installed, read-aloud of an album name is also possible.
    If Voice Data("Pico TTS"etc) is installed, Clock function is also possible.
    Please perform a read-aloud setup by the "Voice input & output" -> "Text-to-speech settings"
    In conjunction with "CarMusicPlayerFree", MN800 can be used for the direction with LiveView MN800 by installing another application "SteRemo", using it as a steering remote control.

    Operation check car navigation system: AVIC-MRZ09

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