Casual Flickr




    This application is an alternative interface to the Flickr ( It is meant for browsing and searching for photos uploaded to the Flickr.

    When this application is installed to a tablet device, user of it can benefit from enhanced usability, but functionality is basically the same.

    INSTRUCTION: Use a sliding gesture (from left to right or vice versa) over the blue area to change between "title search", "set browser" and "group browser". Searching will return photos who's title, description or tags contain the searched text.

    There are certain restrictions that limit what kind of photos you may except to see. These restrictions are:

    a) public photos only
    b) photos that aren't marked as being 18+

    This search interface has been developed by Marko Seppänen. This application or the author are not in affiliation with Flickr. Developer's website is available at and his own Flickr-photos are at

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