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    Frogs are among the few remaining members of amphibians, a group that flourished 250 million years. Frogs are cold-blooded animal that their body temperature varies with the environment. They have a moist skin. The eyes have removable covers, but all of the eyeball can be removed later in head muscles. Behind the eyes are circular eardrums. Sounds in the air or water in these thin membrane vibrates, the vibrations are transmitted through a small bone in a sensory region that sends nerve impulses to the brain.

    Frogs have powerful hind legs adapted both for swimming and diving. Extensor muscles contract thigh high, extending the leg and stretch the feet against the floor or on the water. The impulse is transmitted through the body of the frog pelvic girdle and spine for the whole animal is pushed forward. In the water after the webbed feet provide a larger area to push the water. The small front legs to help guide the frog while swimming and absorb the shock of landing after a jump in the land. The movement of water to land in difficult terrain or the frog will crawl rather than jump.

    Frogs are very colorful. The predominant colors are green, yellow, brown and black, while there are some bright and lovely red and blue. Because of its colorful nature, many people love to photography them. Here is the best photo collection of frogs which you can use as wallpaper for your phone!

    60 Selected high quality wallpapers of frog.

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