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    Feed Reader, Podcast Downloader, and Search Tool for RSS/Atom/OPML/SearchSuggestion formats. All content saved on external storage.
    Slide-out navigation pane has your Feeds and Bookmarks at-the-ready. Browsing experience is much improved.
    Every external URL is scanned for feed discovery and results presented to you. All the discovery is collected in a separate screen for later previews. This is a great way to find new feeds and searches and add them to your collection.
    Now displays individual feed items, and tracks their read status. You can decide how often to download and how many items to retain per feed.
    New content types are supported: OPML (for Feed Lists) and Open Search Suggestions (for Feeds and Search Results).
    Search List is now part of the provider database, you can add more manually or via Discovery.
    Feed List and Search List are backed up via Google device backup, so your lists move with your device.
    Widgets (in 2 sizes) put the Headlines on your Home Screen and rotate every minute.
    Automatically adds audio, video and images to your device's built-in Media Gallery after they are downloaded.
    Uses your device's Download Service for downloading feeds and podcasts. You can disable Data Network access.
    Visit our website link for more info or join our Google Group for future beta programs

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