FLCS-X application called This is a video conferencing system can chat with Android Tab.
    You can also meeting between the personal computer. Yonden Media Works, as a SaaS/ASP products or services, offers, If available FLCS-X system, available free of charge to anyone.

    1.Function call, you can immediately held a meeting. The user, launch the app, once you have connected to the FLCS-X system, the system has connection management capabilities, you can call the other party at any time.
    It is also possible to call more than one person at the same time, if the response to a call to a conference opponent, you can hold meetings on the fly.
    It is also possible to invite to a conference being held in the user wait.
    * Specify that the regular meeting each other, such as, the token code of prospective participants, it is also possible to hold a meeting without calling the other party.

    2.Support of the conference held at the same time by more than one video chat.
    If it is within the scope of the license, it is possible more than one meeting held at the same time.
    Can be held at the same time a meeting of up to 10 pairs from the meeting between the two bases of a pair.
    Also, if you held a conference steep is to use a function call features and remote reject to wait a temporary user participating in another conference, so you can invite to a conference opponent you want to join, important do not miss the chance of meeting.

    3.In addition to the Japanese, corresponding to the English.

    If you are a meeting with the Tablet, it will be the cause of the echo, please use the headphones always.
    FLCS-X, which supports video conferencing between locations up to a maximum of 10 from 2, if you are using, we recommend a meeting of up to about four places simultaneously Android Tab.

    *Use procedure
    1.After starting the application user ID input, were issued separately, password and server address.By checking the "Save your Settings", you can skip the next authentication.In order to verify the authenticity, please touch the button "Check Connection".
    2.Touch the "Login" button Enter the name of the Atana.
    3.First conduct a connection test camera, the microphone, please check the audio level for the camera and microphone.
    4.After the adjustment of the camera and microphone, will be waiting.
    5.Please Touch, "CALL" button to select from a list of whom you want to call.
    6.If you call his opponent in the add from the list, please call in the "CALL" button to select the partner further.
    7.By clicking on the button "start Broadcast", you can send video and your voice.
    8.If you set the quality, please changed by touching the "quality setting".Audio presets are available and two of the six video presets.
    9.Please touch the "Logout" button to exit.

    Accepting free trial, please refer to the following address.

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