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    Film library application helps you maintain a private library.

    1. In the main screen
    - A long press on a film will enable you to edit or delete it.
    The editing screen will appear if a short press is done on a film's title.
    - Pressing the Plus button enables adding a film, via the editing screen or the internet search screen.
    - Sorting the films alphabetically can be done using the arrow buttons.
    - Seeking a film can be done via the search box.
    It opens a new short-list of relevant films.
    A film can be chosen and you'll return to the main list , where the chosen film will be visible .
    In large screen devices/tablets in landscape mode the two lists will be shown toogether.
    - Using the tool button you can delete all movies or exit the application.
    2. In the editing screen you can modify details related to the film.
    - Please note that only in this screen you can save the film's title to your device.
    and only after being saved the picture will appear in the main screen's list.
    3. In the Internet search screen you can search by film name .
    From the search, a list of 10 films is obtained and a specific film can
    be chosen or edited (Also chosen).