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    Blonde Around the Corner
    Big Family
    At my death I ask Blame Klava K.
    Love by choice
    The Headless Horseman
    All is left to
    Marry the Captain
    Hamlet 2.1 series
    Lady with a Dog
    Two tickets to the Daytime Show
    Two Captains
    Twelfth Night
    Rumyantsev Case
    Wild dingo
    Long happy life
    My dear man
    The only
    Zhenya, Zhenya and "Katyusha"
    Klim Samgin. 1-14 series
    The Captivating Star of Happiness 1.2 series
    Hello and Goodbye
    Gold mine. 2.1 Series
    As Ivan the Fool for a miracle walking
    Suicide Club or adventure Noble 3.1 series
    The key non-transferable
    King Lear
    Failure of Engineer Garin. 4.1 Series
    Serf Actress
    Xenia, beloved wife of Theodore
    Mother married
    Low season. 2.1 Series
    My Friend Ivan Lapshin
    Young wife
    In war as in war
    Chief of Chukotka
    Heavenly Swallows 2.1 series
    Unfinished story
    New adventures of Masha and Viti
    Open book. 2.1 Series
    Holidays in September 2.1 series
    The Queen of Spades
    Bad Good Man
    Striped flight
    Last inch
    Neptune Holiday
    Check on road
    Confrontation. 1.6 Series
    Republic SHKID
    Native Blood
    Wedding in the Robin
    Sweet woman
    Dog in the manger 2.1 series
    Heart of a Dog Series 2.1
    Salty dog
    Straw Hat 2.1 series
    The eldest son of 02.01 set
    Three Men in a Boat of the Dog 2.1 series
    Truffaldino from Bergamo
    Tiger Tamer
    Chronicle of a dive bomber
    Amphibian Man
    Sherlock Holmes. Bow. 2.1 Series
    Sherlock Holmes. Familiarity
    Sherlock Holmes. The Master Blackmailer
    Sherlock Holmes. Bloody inscription
    Sherlock Holmes. Hunting for Tiger
    Sherlock Holmes. Mortal Combat
    Sherlock Holmes. Hound of the Baskervilles. 2.1 Series
    Sherlock Holmes. The Sign of Four. 2.1 Series

    Directed by Alexander Sokurov, Aleksei German, Tutyshkin Andrei Komarov Valentine, Viktor Titov, Tregubovich Victor Melnikov Vitali, Vladimir Bortko, Weinstock Vladimir Vengerov Vladimir Motyl Vladimir Svetozarov Vladimir, Vladimir Fetin, Gennadi Kazansky, Pollock Gennady, Gennady Shpalikov, Nathanson George Herbert Rappaport, Gleb Panfilov, Grigori Kozintsev, Tatar Eugene, Bagaev Ivan, Igor Maslennikov, Averbakh Ilya Kheifets Joseph Schwartz Isaac Kvinikhidze Leonid Menaker Leonid Ershov Michael, Michael Schweitzer, Kosheverova Hope Avanesova Natalia, Naum Birman , Koshelev, Nikolai Lebedev, Nikolai Tikhomirov, Roman, Savva Kulish, Aranovich Simon, Sergei Mikaelian, Vulfovich Theodore Friedrich Ermler, Yasan Ernest Yuli Karasik, Ian Fried and others.

    Cast: Andrei Mironov, Tatiana Dogileva, Smoktunovsky Innocent, Oleg Efremov, Oleg Jankowski, Yevgeny Leonov, Natalya Bondarchuk, Vladimir Vysotsky, Valery Zolotukhin, Mikhail Boyarsky, Oleg Dal, Lyubov Polishchuk, Nina Krachkovskaya, Lev Durov, Michael Gluzsky Inna Churikova, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Alexander Shirvindt, Rolan Bykov, Gostyukhin Vladimir Jigarkhanyan, Vladimir Menchov, Nicholas Karachentsov, Konstantin Raikin, Nina Urgant, Sergei Bondarchuk and other ...

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