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    Local Video Player

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    Play the videos in your cell phone though this app. The videos will be played very fluent here. Experience it!

    - Easy and simple to use
    - Suit for the Android system
    - Videos only
    - Support lots of formats

    Local videos don¡¯t rely on the network speed, so that you can watch them fluently with or without network.

    This app will search files for videos automatically when you open it. After the search, in the main interface, all the videos in sd card will be shown here with the title of their source files. Videos in different files have their own titles in this interface.
    Click the video to open, share and supply.
    While playing an app, the play and pause are in one function key. On the two sides of this key, you will see the function keys for screenshot and screen size.
    The taken screenshots are saved in sd card, there is a file for them. As to the function of screen size, it has four kinds of sizes for you. Try out them and use your favorite one.
    In the video playing interface, you can see some of the above functions like screenshot and screen size by clicking the screen or press the menu button. There is a lock in the top left corner. Lock the screen to lock these functions. And unlock the screen in the same place.

    Even though many media players can play both audio and video, others focus only on one media type, just like this app. In this app, videos in most formats can be played. We wish you have a great time with your videos. And please take some time to support our app, thank you!

    This app is totally free.
    It supports icon ads or notification ads.