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    Watch mjpeg video streams on your phone!

    Attention: The linked example website in the stub app is not mine - so it can be offline or removed any time. Google for 'mjpeg' or 'axis cgi' if you do not have your own camera for example.

    This enables you to open mjpeg video stream in the browser and watch it. Just open a link and watch the video. No longer an unknown, broken file will be downloaded. Also private password protected websites are supported.

    Where is mjpeg used? Mostly mjpeg is used for streaming images from cameras placed all over the world presenting nice or interesting places to website visitors. Also most security cameras use mjpeg. Your Android phone can stream mjpeg with a lot of webcam apps, too! With the program VLC running on your pc mjpeg provides a simple method to stream any kind of video to your phone.

    Please note: Mjpeg video streams cannot be paused, rewinded or skipped forward. They are always shown as send by the server without further user interaction possible.

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