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    Use your android to remotely control Windows Media player or Win Amp, check on your Xbox friends or your WOW armoury. If there's a Microsoft sideshow gadget for it (, you can now do it from your Android WiFi connected device.

    Please see the youtube video at to see an example of installing with Windows 7

    Windows 7 is pre-loaded with a Windows Media Player remote control and a RSS feed reader, others are available as third-party downloads. See the end of this description for some links to start with.

    To use the Android Sideshow Device:
    1. Make sure Network Discovery is turned on on your Windows 7 pc (search for "enable network discovery mode" if you don't know how)
    2. Connect your Android device to a WiFi network that can access your Windows 7 PC
    3. Run Sideshow Device on your Android device
    4. Your Windows 7 pc should detect a new Sideshow Display ("Android Sideshow"), install this device.
    * After installation, a new Control Panel item (Sideshow) should appear in your Windows 7 pc control panel
    6. Open the Sideshow control panel item and enable the Sideshow gadgets you wish to use on your Android device
    7. The enabled sideshow gadgets will automatically appear on your Android device while running Sideshow

    Sideshow Device for Android uses the Cling UPnP framework (

    For more information about Microsoft Sideshow, please visit:
    also contains a collection of sideshow gadgets

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