Seal and note cards, bills seat the second movie of 120 Puremubitsuru message (up to
    You can put on. )
    Pre-purchase Mubi note cards, bills Puremubi seat, the Puremubishiru, the present
    People who have downloaded this app, please.
    (You can send e-mail second movie 15!!) Puremubimeru
    ※ There is no need to download the app to your opponent.

    Pre-purchase Mubi note cards, bills Puremubi seat, the Puremubishiru, was presented
    Please people use to download this app. UP load video and download function
    Can be used.

    Models also any carrier can play!
    UP can load up to 120 seconds of video!
    Play as many times as possible so I can save the message movie is available for download!
    Shooting, easy shooting smartphone, with mobile phone! No tedious work at all!
    at a time like this · · ·

    The bill distillate seat-pull-wedding-invitation
    present to lead in situ to shoot memories of birthday
    The farewell party! Send a message thank you message or transfer to another school cheer a friend!
    baby gifts in return for 内 祝 I-! Newborn baby's first movie! You can debut.
    I will send a gratitude that can not be said face to face on Father's Day, Mother's Day! !
    Surprise 3.5 times impressed with the goods to be enclosed gift birthday Valentine!

    The surprise of the movie Message Puremubitsuru excitement! !

    For more information, please visit the homepage. I have posted as well as dealers.

    E-mail can be sent as a word toward movie characters is difficult to tell, and the surface is difficult to tell. For example, "Happy", such as messages or birthday surprise -
    , "Thank you."
    Such as how to use the message cheering freely and I "work hard", and messages of gratitude when you want to convey ... more

    Characteristics of Puremubimeru
    I can send to anyone without seeing the movie to surprise a loved one.
    So Movie Mail, so I can without exposing to WEB, sent to the individual,
    I send a video of an important message without being seen by others.

    Easy message movie shooting! !
    You can send and easy to start Puremubi to shoot a movie, simply by sending e-mail as it is.

    Recorded videos can be sent to convert the file playback is possible even in the model any carrier.
    Convert (3gp files, 3g2 file. 3gp file DoCoMo, Softbank mainly
    Playback is possible on models. 3g2 file playback is possible on models mainly au. )
    ※ There are several models that can not open file 3gp, 3g2 files to.

    account @, if the @ is a video of up to 1MB (around 15 seconds)
    Can send If you use to send and receive 20MB (Gmail, Yahoo mail around the second (120)
    You can send video.

    I will send a movie file, you can play as many times as you save.

    If you have any trouble or questions on this application to operate,
    Please contact us from Contact Us page.
    Since I can not even be a question to customer reviews, the answer from our customers
    Please note.

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