Sarkinen Media




    Sarkinen Media is a local online marketing agency in Vancouver, WA. We specialize in online marketing for small businesses all over Vancouver. Founded by business owner, Tony Sarkinen, we know how hard it is to find the right marketing tools that actually make you a profit.

    So, how do we help your business grow?

    Our slogan says it all. Customize Localize Optimize.

    Customize: We know online marketing in Vancouver, WA differs for each business. Our online marketing team finds the best methods for you. This includes online marketing tools: mobile marketing, local SEO, social media branding, a new or improved website, or video marketing. We customize each marketing method for your company.

    Localize: We then cater your unique marketing methods to your local audience. We do this by researching how to connect with your customers and put you in front of new customers.

    Optimize: This is the final step in the online growth process for our clients. Using a series of systems, we strategically take your business to the next level. We take your customized and local marketing tools and help customers find and do real business with you. Whether it’s setting up an appointment, buying a product, or using a service, we help you connect with your clients.