Download the SAT-7 KIDS Android application to watch a live stream of SAT-7 KIDS — Quality Arabic Christian TV Made for the Children of the Middle East and North Africa.

    Broadcast Stream

    Watch real time broadcasts anywhere in the world as seen on SAT-7 KIDS Satellite TV. There is no time limit for how long or when you can watch.

    Viewer Interaction

    The application gives you the latest contact information for sending your comments or even speaking directly with us.

    Web site

    Use your Internet connection to link directly to the English or Arabic websites. There you can find out more about current events.

    Multi-language Navigation

    Choose between an English or Arabic language to help you get around more easily.

    Note: SAT-7 is offering this service free of charge at the moment. SAT-7 has the right to discontinue or alter the quality of this service at any time for short periods during maintenance or permanently without notification. Any Internet connection or other costs incurred by using this application are for the user’s account.

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